note1It’s the routine for almost everyone: you wake up on a weekday, shower, get dressed, and go to work. Employers expect you to show up every day, on time – and you understand that it’s your responsibility to do just that. Most companies understand that illnesses happen, and give you a certain (small) number of sick days per year when you don’t have to report for work.

There are two problems with this system that almost every employee has run into at one time or another.

  1. First, life happens. There are an incredible number of “other” reasons why you might have to skip a day at work: illness of a family member, a broken-down car, an important school function or meeting with your child’s teacher, an interview with a prospective new employer – not to mention the “it’s the only nice day of the summer and I just have to spend it at the beach” issue that we’ve all experienced.
  2. Second, most employers are now cracking down, and requiring a doctor’s note when you take sick days. If you’re really seriously ill, that shouldn’t be a problem. But what if you’re just feeling out of sorts, or needed to take the day off for another reason that doesn’t fit your company’s policies?

Those reasons are why so many people are finding that there’s no alternative to using a fake doctor’s note. Sure, you could be honest, and try to “explain away” your absence to your boss – but chances of that actually working these days are slim. With a fake doctor excuse, you won’t have to explain anything; everyone will be happy and can get on with their lives. Even if you had sick days to use, you’re still out of luck. If you need a remarkable doctor’s note that works, go to

There are several ways to get that excuse letter, but be careful. There are a lot of free fake doctors’ note templates floating around on the internet, and most of them aren’t believable or confirmable. In that case, you’ll be in a lot more trouble with your boss than you would be for just skipping a day of work. Be certain that you’re getting your note from a reputable site that not only offers a variety of letters to fit every need, but also offers options to confirm your excuse in case your employer ever wants to check.

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courtThere are only two things that are more depressing than getting a letter telling you that you’ve been selected for jury duty – seeing how little you’re paid for each day you serve, and then seeing that “I can’t afford to miss work” isn’t one of the excuses that the court will accept if you don’t report as scheduled.

Some jurisdictions are more lenient than others, and will let you just fill out a form listing a medical issue which would disqualify you from jury duty. But in many places, you need to provide an actual doctors excuse letter in order to skip court and earn a living. In those areas, the chances are that only a fake doctor’s note will let you get on with your life, and avoid sitting in a hot, crowded room all day for no good reason.

In cases like this, what you really need is documentation showing a long-term or permanent disability, since if you just say you have the flu, a broken foot, or have to attend a funeral on the day you’re scheduled for, they’ll just delay your service by a few days or months. Mobility issues, a serious physical issue such as heart or kidney disease, impairment of mental function, or even a severe tic which would be distracting to other jurors, the judge and the lawyers are good reasons for permanently avoiding jury duty.

Reliable sites which provide professional, authentic-looking fake doctors notes can take care of your jury duty problem for good. A good provider will have options for any of the conditions we’ve mentioned: general practitioner, chiropractor or podiatrist letters for mobility problems, cardiologist or urologist documentation for long-term systemic illnesses, mental health professional letters for mental issues – whatever the category, the best fake medical letter sites will be able to help.

The other big advantage is that those sites will also give you letters which have the right wording, the correct format, even the same graphics that you’d see on a real doctor’s note, with logos and even watermarks. When you’re submitting them to a state or county agency, there’s no second chance so you need to get it right the first time.

Jury duty is an important civic function. Unfortunately, a lot of people just can’t afford to fulfill it – probably most of the people who work at the court couldn’t afford to take some days off for jury duty, either. But there are very few acceptable ways they can say “I’d really like to, but I just can’t do it.” Fake doctors notes will handle the problem simply, easily and inexpensively.

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disabledEver get jealous when you spend 20 minutes circling a parking lot looking for a space, and then a car with handicapped plates or a handicapped placard just pulls into the lot and zips into an empty disabled parking spot? We all have. It’s even worse when you’re also disabled – just not disabled enough to qualify for one of those coveted placards or plates.

As you can probably guess (or may even know firsthand, if you’ve applied for handicapped privileges and been denied), it’s not easy to get those special privileges. It’s a bit simpler if you have a sympathetic doctor, but chances are that you’ll still be out of luck.

The answer? A fake doctor’s letter.

That may sound difficult to obtain, but it really isn’t. There are reputable sites online which specialize in providing 100% perfect, authentic-looking letters from “doctors” which you can use to support your application for disabled plates or placards. They’ll let you park in those often-empty blue spaces, and in many states allow you to park at expired meters or in restricted zones for as long as you’d like. They’ll even give you preferred boarding privileges on airplanes (board before everyone else and get the seat you want!) and many other perks you never even knew existed.

Very often, states require several supporting letters from different doctors in order to approve your application. With a good fake doctor’s note site, that’s not a problem. A comprehensive site will offer fake doctor letters from cardiologists, hospitals, urologists, OB/GYN specialists, mental health professionals – you name it.

The best approach is to find a permanent medical disability that’s almost always accepted as a reason for being designated as handicapped, and then use several different fake doctor notes which all support the diagnosis. For this purpose, it’s crucial that you find the very best site to get your letters, since they’ll all need to use the exact wording that will support your claim, and come with confirmation options if the state wants to check the authenticity of the letters. Also, be sure to take the time you need to ensure that all of the documentation you’ll be submitting agrees on your “diagnosis.”

For something this important and complicated, you can’t just print out a letter from a free doctor’s note template site. Do your research, and only use the very best site you can find. You’ll appreciate it when you’re pulling into that parking spot 20 feet from the store’s door.

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collegeIt’s not only Ferris Bueller who needs an occasional day off. Every student runs into those times when they just can’t go to school for the day.

Not feeling well? Not a problem – parents, teachers and college or school administrators not only will be understanding, they probably don’t want you in class if you’re sick, since they don’t want other students catching whatever you have. A parent’s note, or if you’re in college, a note from the school infirmary is easy to get (most infirmaries will just give you an excuse letter if you walk in and say you’re not feeling good). Case closed.

On the other hand, want to take the Ferrari on a joyride, and then go to a Cubs game, a parade or a fancy restaurant on your own day off? That could be a problem. None of those come complete with an excuse note for your school.

There are many other reasons why might need to come up with an “excused absence.” A test that you haven’t studied for, that paper you haven’t finished and is supposed to be turned in, or a bully who you’re trying to avoid are all understandable absenses to you, but they won’t be to the school. Your family might be taking a trip to Hawaii or back home to see the grandparents, but administrators won’t consider that a good reason to miss a few school days – they’ll see it simply as truancy. In the 2010s, common sense doesn’t rule any more. Strict and often senseless rules are all that matter.

For these reasons, even students are now finding the need for a fake doctor note when they have to miss school. The good news is that schools are much less likely to check the authenticity of a doctor’s excuse letter than employers would be. Even so, there’s no reason to take chances.

A barely-believable, scribbled note that doesn’t even look like it came from a doctor could jeopardize your school standing. On the other hand, a professional-looking letter will easily pass scrutiny without any problem whatsoever. And it’s easy to obtain those doctors notes these days, simply by using a trustworthy online site that provides readily-accepted excuse letters, with the proper format, details and wording, from every type of doctor imaginable, from hospital doctors, to dentists to gynecologists. Don’t rely on a free fake doctor’s note that you’ve just copied somewhere; there’s too much at stake to do that.

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potNearly half the states in America have legalized the use of marijuana for medical reasons, and more are expected to follow in short order. The beneficial properties of cannabis have been shown again and again, which is why many traditional doctors are now actually suggesting the drug to some of their chronically ill patients.

A cottage industry of “pot doctors” has arisen over the past few years; some will write a letter allowing their patients to obtain a state medical marijuana card for just about anything, including insomnia or “anxiety.” Others require extensive documentation of a patient’s medical history before they’ll approve a diagnosis allowing someone to buy legal pot.

Many states, however, are cracking down on these doctors and getting quite strict about accepting marijuana prescriptions from them, particularly if the diagnosis is something nebulous like “anxiety.” The alternative for many patients is to bring believable, real-looking fake doctors’ notes supporting a condition which would be readily approved for medical pot use.

The most obvious diagnosis would be glaucoma, since that’s historically been the condition for which marijuana has been prescribed. A comprehensive fake doctors’ letter site will have authentic-appearing notes from eye doctors which could support a claim of glaucoma, and could quite possibly be enough for a medical marijuana doctor to issue a prescription.

There are many other physical conditions, though, which would also support the use of medicinal pot. Severe and chronic pain has become an accepted condition which justifies a marijuana prescription; fake doctors letters from physicians who specialize in pain, chiropractors, or even specialists for disease like cancer can be used to believably explain a condition which creates severe pain and necessitates a pot prescription.

A good way to determine which type of fake physician letter you need would be to call a pot doctor, or even a medical marijuana dispensary, and ask questions about what you need to do to get a card. Most will be quite helpful and explain exactly what conditions are acceptable in your state. As you would guess, many people who have these marijuana cards aren’t really sick at all, but are recreational pot users, so the dispensaries will usually be happy to help you figure out the best diagnosis for getting a prescription.

Armed with this information, it’s an easy task to get the documentation you need from a fake doctors’ notes site, visit a licensed physician who is set up to issue prescriptions, and quickly have a medical marijuana card of your own.

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Fake Doctor Note


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Feeling funny about using a fake doctor excuse letter?


Even doctors write fake doctor notes.

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