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When faced by the prospect of lost pay or even a lost job because of unexcused absences at work, many people panic. They may turn to extreme and usually unsuccessful measures such as trying to write out a fake physician’s note on their computer, or even trying to steal a physician’s stationery or notepad in order to write an excuse that looks realistic.

The people who don’t panic do a little research, and find that there are reputable and trustworthy fake physicians notes sites on the internet. These sites specialize in providing medical excuse letters which will pass muster with just about any employer or school.

What’s particularly impressive, though, is that the very best sites don’t just provide fake, generic physicians’ letters. They have believable, customizable notes and documentation from almost every type of physician and clinic you can imagine. This way, you can use their services again and again for different diagnoses and problems, or for a condition that actually fits your own physical situation.

Here are just some of the types of letters you can find at the very best sites:

  • Regular fake physician’s note: this will come complete with authentic color logos and bar codes, areas for diagnosis and restrictions, even a physician’s personal “stamp” in the corner. The best medical excuse sites will have several different versions of this note, either so you can choose the one you like best, or can use them several times in succession for repeated absences which require visits to different physicians.
  • Fake specialist notes: these are particularly helpful for people with medical conditions which could be supported by a letter from a specialist; these range from cancer, heart, lung and kidney specialists, to those who treat less-serious illnesses such as ENT physicians, gynecologists, podiatrists and eye physicians. Since all of the notes are fully able to be customized for your needs, you can use them over and over again if you’re “receiving treatment” for a chronic condition which would require numerous visits to the same physician.
  • Fake dentist notes: not only can you get a “note from a dentist” to excuse you from work, fake notes from oral surgeons are also available for longer appointment and recuperation time.
  • Fake mental health notes: apparently written by a psychologist, these realistic excuse letters simply explain that you have missed work due to a health issue. They don’t go into detail, but will usually create understanding and sympathy as well as an excused absence.
  • Medical excuse slips: with a medical logo and looking like a prescription form, these are have the ideal appearance of coming from a pain clinic or “physician in a box” location.

Even better, the best sites give you an entire package of these fake physician letters, so that you have them on hand whenever you need them, and can choose from the entire list of possibilities to make your excuses look fully believable.


emergency room discharge notesYou usually need a fake physician’s note after you’ve been called in absent from school or missed work, and want to return with a believable excuse. There’s plenty of time to find one of those, when you need it.

For a last-minute absence, however, you might need something that justifies the fact that you didn’t show up without giving any advance notice that you were sick. The perfect solution is to use a fake hospital or emergency room letter or note; if you were rushed to the ER or admitted to the hospital without warning, this is the perfect way to explain why you never showed up.

Comprehensive packages from reputable fake physicians excuse sites will have an impressive assortment of documentation which can be used for just this purpose. For example:

  1. Simple and more complicated emergency room fake discharge letters: good sites have several options for an ER fake form. One might be a two-page document with customizable areas for personal information, diagnoses and recommendations, prescriptions and follow-ups. The second could be longer, and include more detailed information blocks for lengthy physicians’ notations, arrival times, triage observations, and so on.
  2. Fake emergency room release form: much simpler than a discharge letter, this simply documents a visit to the ER and a release that says they are now able to return to work.
  3. Fake hospital release form: this can be used to document a longer absence for a more serious illness or injury, and comes complete with everything you’d expect on a hospital release, including bar codes, full description of condition and treatment, follow-up instructions and restrictions (helpful to avoid certain tasks at work), and even spaces for multiple signatures by physician, patient and witness. The very best forms even have color photos of the hospital
  4. Fake clinic notes: many people go to a hospital clinic instead of the emergency room, and this form is much simpler but still completely believable as coming from a local clinic. The best sites also offer similar notes from childrens’ clinics, either to justify school absences, or a parent’s emergency absence from work.

Fake hospital notes are a more sophisticated way of satisfying a company’s requirements for documentation after an absence, and should not be used regularly. However, they are a terrific “change of pace” from a fake physicians’ note, and an important weapon to have in your excuse arsenal, if you should need them.


specialty excuse notesThere are only so many times that you can show up with a physician’s note after missing work, before your employer decides that your health “condition” isn’t worth all of the problems your absences are creating. In cases like that, other types of excuse letters are the perfect way to take care of a “day off” without continually playing the health card.

A great fake physicians’ notes site will offer a large assortment of other types of excuse documentation which you’ve probably never even realized existed.

For example, you could present your boss with a fake jury duty notice. These are modeled after real state jury summonses, and can justify missing anywhere from one day of work, up to several weeks (if you’re selected for a long jury trial, that’s a completely realistic time frame).

There’s no way to obtain an excuse note when you attend a funeral. However, you usually can show your employer a pamphlet from the funeral to prove that you were actually at burial services. A fake funeral pamphlet will have realistic details as if you really had been away at memorial services, including a picture of the “deceased” as well as a memorial poem and funeral home details.

Women who are in need of something to justify continued absences, or limits on the types of physical work they can perform on the job, might find a fake pregnancy letter useful. It includes all the details needed to make it look real, including the name and address of a pregnancy clinic, and estimated dates of conception and delivery. Just be sure to either have a “miscarriage” – or be ready to use a fake abortion note (also available at top-notch fake physician note sites, stating in authentic and detailed wording that the procedure was performed) before you would be expected to start showing signs of your “pregnancy.”

When deciding to use any of these notes, or any fake notes at all, be sure that you’re dealing with an established website which pays attention to all of the little details which makes an excuse letter fully realistic. It’s possible to find free fake physicians notes all over the web, but most don’t have any of the true signs of a letter or note from a real professional, such as logos, watermarks or bar codes. There’s no sense in using one of those half-baked imitations, since you’re more likely to be caught and face serious consequences.

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